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Larger CAD floor plan from a sketch, print or PDF drawing (from 1500 sq.ft. to 3500sq.ft.)

$980.00 Excluding Tax

This is a package to draw a CAD floor plan (a drawing file that could be mofidied and edited in all cad softwares) from your sketches or printed drawing, or a pdf file that you have. This is for a one storey simple floor plan. We will draw it according to your measurements or ones provided on the document that you want to redraw. You will be able to then provide this file to your building designers or engineers and continue creating your project electronically.

This package is for building plans ranging from 1500 sq.ft. to 3000 sq.ft. (140m2 to 300m2). Can be two separate level plans that have a sum footage 3000 sq.ft. or less.
If you have a larger house please contact us for custom pricing.